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Please be aware that quotepartner.co.uk may alter the information on its web site from time to time.


Quote Partner would like to make clear that, although we help members of the public locate a tradesperson through this website or any partner lead generating website we may use from time to time to fulfil your quote request any subsequent relationship entered into is purely between the public and the tradesperson. At no point is a contract formed between Quote Partner and the public.

Furthermore, we strongly advise each member of the public to check the status of a tradesperson and their certificates carefully. All bona fide tradespeople will be only too happy to divulge this information.

Neither Quote Partner nor any of its directors, employees or other representatives or any partner companies we may pass your quote request to will be liable for loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of this site. This is comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties.

Copyright and database

Except where otherwise noted, Quote Partner owns legally and beneficially all the intellectual property rights in the content of all the quotepartner.co.uk web pages (including the design, text, graphics and arrangement thereof) and in the software used therein. Such intellectual property rights include, without limitation, copyrights and database rights in the information displayed on quotepartner.co.uk

The contents of these, and other pages on quotepartner.co.uk pages are © Quote Partner.

Reproduction of data

Reproduction of any data from quotepartner.co.uk is not permitted unless verified first by Quote Partner.

IP addresses

Quote Partner collects information automatically when you visit our web site. All information obtained in this way, which may include demographic data and browsing patterns, is used by us alone to improve our web site and your browsing experience. One method through which this web site collects aggregate information is the collection of IP addresses.

An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Web. Web servers, the computers that "serve up" Web pages, automatically identify your computer by its IP address. When you request a page from this web site, our servers log your IP address. We do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable, so although your session will be logged, you will remain anonymous to us.

Links to external web sites

The incorporation of any links to other sites does not imply that we approve or endorse the contents of that site or the material available from it and Quote Partner is not responsible for the content of such sites.

Partner Sites

In using this site and making a quote request a consumer accepts that from time to time QuotePartner may deem it necessary to pass a consumer enquiry to a partner lead generating company. If this transpires, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of the partner company but we continue to strongly advise each member of the public to check the status of a tradesperson and their certificates carefully.


Privacy policy

QuotePartner takes the privacy of its customers data very seriously. Please read the following policy to understand how we will treat your personal data after it has been collected by us through your use of one of our distribution channels.

Those distribution channels will include our web site, our SMS and any other distribution channel or associated partner company we may introduce or be associated with from time to time. If this policy changes then we will let you know via our home page but we assure you that we only use your data as specified here and for our legitimate business reasons.

Consumers data

QuotePartner aims to match a consumer's needs with the skills and specialisms of local tradespeople. As such a consumers details are passed onto local registered tradespeople, allowing them to assess a consumers needs and then make contact them to quote on a job or to arrange a time to meet and discuss the work required.

Tradespeople data

QuotePartner aims to match skilled tradespeople with local consumers looking to hire a tradespeople for specific domestic or commercial based property repairs, maintenance or improvements. As such QuotePartner maintains a database of tradespeople details including, but not exclusively, company name, contact name, email address, telephone number, mobile number, business sectors, trade association membership numbers and reference details.

The company name and contact details will be visible to consumers when leads are sent through to tradespeople subscribing to QuotePartner.

The collection of data

We can collect data on you from a variety of different sources these include.

1. When you submit leads from the site or one of our associated partner web sites.
2. When you become a subscriber to our services
3. When you speak to our customer services personnel
4. Via explicit data capture measures, for example by entering competitions
5. Via implicit data capture measures such as studying which pages you read etc

In any of the above cases the data we collect could be personal data.

Your personal information

When you give us any personal data as indicated above or purchase any product or service provided by an associated partner company via the site, we may need to collect information about you to process the transaction, fulfill your order and provide you with the services you expect then and in the future. This information may include, but is not limited to, details such as your name, your address, your phone number and your credit card details.

Unless we have your express consent we will only disclose personal data to third parties if this is required for the purpose of completing your transaction with us. This is of course subject to the proviso that we may disclose your data to certain permitted third parties, such as members of our own associated partner companies, our own professional advisers who are bound by confidentiality codes, and when we are legally obliged to disclose your data.

By becoming a subscriber you consent to receive from us by e-mail our newsletter and details of other special offers which we may think may be of interest to you.

By subscribing to our SMS services you consent to receive from us by SMS. MMS, EMS or voice-messages regarding new leads / services.

Quote Partner retains and uses your personal information to provide you with the best remote commerce (including electronic and mobile commerce) experience by providing you with a personalised service and to give you details of offers which we think will be of interest to you. We may also use the information to process any transactions you undertake with us and for internal administration and analysis. For quality assurance and training reasons we may record any of the calls you make to us.

We do not sell, rent or trade your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your express consent.


Each web site owned and operated by quotepartner.co.uk & those of associated partner companies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file of which there are three types:

Session cookies: These are used to maintain something called session state. If you consider your journey through the site to be a conversation with us and this cookie just reminds the site where we were in that conversation (for instance if at some point in the conversation you asked us to add a product to your shopping basket, next time you click on the basket it is still there). These are required for the site to function but are not used in any way to identify you personally.

Permanent cookies: These store a few numbers on your hard drive. You can view them by looking in the cookies directory of your browser installation if you are interested. They last for a long time and each time you come to our site you send us a copy of them. We use them to identify you between visits. For instance if you were looking at a specific product last time you were on the site and we subsequently have a related 'offer' which may interest you we may use this cookie to recognise you and show you our this offer. They are not required for the site to work but may enhance your experience. We do not store any personal data in these cookies, just a unique number that identifies you to us.

Third Party Cookies: From time to time we carry advertising from third parties on our web site Occasionally they may send you a cookie. We have no control over these.

Although you cannot block "session" cookies as they are required for our site to function correctly you can configure your internet browser so that it can reject both "permanent" and "third party" cookies. How you do this will depend upon the internet browser you use (for example, Internet Explorer 5, Netscape 4 or Opera etc) and it is therefore impractical for us to detail here how you can reject those cookies. Please refer to the relevant internet browser manufacturer's web site where you should be able to receive all the information you need."

Third-party advertising

Ads appearing on the quotepartner.co.uk web site are delivered to you, on our behalf, by our associated partner companies. Information about your visit to this site, such as number of times you have viewed an ad (but not your name, address, or any other personal information), is used to serve ads.

Data protection

We operate and are registered in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

Your consent

By disclosing your personal information to us using this web site or over the telephone, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by QuotePartner in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.

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